Trump tax cuts don’t appear to be enough as retail sales slow

Kingsview Asset Management Chief Investment Officer Scott Martin and Cato Institute senior fellow Dan Mitchell on President Trump’s corporate tax reform plan and whether there should be a carbon.

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The recent Simpsons clip in which “the Squad” takes on Donald Trump has gotten flak for being “cringe,” but it is valuable as a particularly clear example of what is wrong with much of.

National Retail Federation’s David French weighs in on President Trump’s plan to lower the corporate tax rate.. Trump’s corporate tax cut could boost American wages. Don’t like this video?

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Read more: An economic downturn could ruin the one thing voters really like about Trump "It depends on the Fed. Business orders on equipment stalled out. Consumers don’t have as much tax cut money.

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The economy has been growing slightly above trend since the election of President Trump but there are a lot of one time factors involved in raising growth from the low 2% range to the high 2% range. The tax cuts goosed corporate profits this year but we won’t get another cut next year; underlying earnings growth is still mid to high single.

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I don’t know how one would assume the term "Trump situation" would imply "all the lies about Clinton on social media". A more direct interpretation of her statement would be "we don’t like Trump". Now – of course you could be right, but I don’t see how her words communicate that fact at all.

Early economic planEdit. An analysis by Citizens for Tax Justice found that under Trump’s plan, the poorest 20% of Americans would see a tax cut averaging $250, middle-income Americans would see a tax cut averaging just over $2,500, and the best-off 1% of Americans would see a tax cut averaging over $227,000.