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About Us

Prodigy lending as the name suggests is a team comprised of mortgage lenders. We assemble these lenders from all over the US and given the basic training to make them fit to offer Laredoians quality services with respect to mortgage loans. We fix all our loans at the lowest rates possible delivering a better Laredo and the US at large.

Types of our loans in Laredo


This loan is currently among the top-rated loans in Laredo. With much skill and excellent quality, our prodigy team will give you this loan coupled with the following advantages low down payment charges with a rate of 3 in today’s market, low-interest rates, ease of qualifications with few documents needed during application, flexibility in so far as repayment periods are concerned and finally does not charge any lender fees.


FHA is also top-ranked and the quality of services we offer for this loan has made us attractive in the market. A borrower finds this type of loan so cheap to qualify and buy. Rates of interest and down payment are comparatively low. The down payment is now at 3.5% while the former is the cheapest the market can ever have. You get rehab loans and other services when you decide to apply for FHA loans, which is unique only for this loan.


Laredo is also getting Laredo VA home loans that are improving military families a great deal. After the USA government decided to compensate loyal veterans, our prodigy lending team saw it fit that will take such an opportunity to, together with the government, remunerate such soldiers. The veterans get 100% with low rates of interest. The down payment rates provided are also comparatively low and qualification techniques are simplified. 


Closely following in the steps of its predecessors, the USSDA loans are so cheap and less complex to understand, apply and to provide. Just like all the loans above, you get very low-interest rates that should not make you shy away from acquiring it. Full funding is given for borrowers and after noting that your income levels are favorable, you stand at a high chance of enjoying all that this loan offers. Different from the rest, Laredoians now get this loan with no down payment to worry about. 

Having been certified and awarded for the past 8 years as the best lenders the US has ever had, we will not tire until we see the whole world enjoys what we have to offer and not the USA alone. 17 years of services have put us in a better position to understand all about loans and rising customer demands. As such call us now to enjoy with the rest.

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