‘I got morning sickness instead of freshers’ flu’

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KINSTON, North Carolina-They would wake up at five or six in the morning. They didn’t know where they were. thought she was coming down with the flu. Instead, she was admitted to the hospital and.

She figured that she and her best friend, Janie, would get dressed together. But her period had always been erratic, so that was no help. And she had morning sickness the same time as the flu was.

Science is starting to explain why men get "sympathy pregnancy.". A range of “pregnancy-related” physical and psychological symptoms include abdominal pain and bloating, back pain, pseudocyesis (euphemistically known as “phantom pregnancy”), lethargy, morning sickness, toothache, food cravings and aversions – many of which were confirmed in.

Can You Run a Fever With morning sickness?. morning sickness and the common flu or related viruses often have similar symptoms. The best way to determine if the symptoms you are experiencing are a sign that you are pregnant is by taking an over-the-counter pregnancy test after your first missed period.

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 · Classic symptoms of the stomach flu include watery diarrhea (nonbloody), nausea, bloating, headache, low grade fever, abdominal cramping, sweating, clammy skin, and occasional muscle aches. According to experts at Mayo Clinic and Baby Center, some of your symptoms can be related to pregnancy,

 · Is this morning sickness or have I do I just have the stomach flu? Asked 30 Jun 2014 by Bane2928 Updated 30 June 2014 Topics influenza, infectious gastroenteritis, pregnancy, stomach. Yesterday I had Flat Top and I think I ate some undercooked chicken. I woke up around midnight and I felt like I had to puke, well, I did!

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Several ways: In pregnancy, it is often a problem to have morning sickness. I would recommend avoiding foods that can exacerbate the problem usually foods that are spicy, greasy if possible but also drinking more fluids. Natural remedies are ginger ale, ginger candies, accupressure wrist bands.