Trump administration steals more Defense Department funds for boondoggle border wall

He said the Trump administration is considering a plan to use $1.3 billion allocated for border security in fiscal year 2018 and another $1.375 billion in 2019 for the wall.

A senior White House official said the administration had found nearly $7 billion to reallocate to the wall, including $600 million from a Treasury department forfeiture fund, $2.5 billion from a.

The Supreme Court cleared the way Friday for the Trump administration to tap billions of dollars in Pentagon funds to build sections of a border wall with Mexico.

(CNN) – The Trump administration. White House asked for wall money from just one funding source: the Department of Homeland Security (more specifically, CBP). This year, the White House will ask.

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WASHINGTON (AP) – The Supreme Court has cleared the way for the Trump administration to tap Pentagon funds to build sections of a border wall with Mexico. The Supreme Court said Friday that it would lift a freeze on the money put in place by a lower court. The Supreme Court’s action means the Trump.

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If Trump declares a national emergency as a way to take defense department funds to pay for the wall, he’ll face immediate legal backlash.. Trump He’ll See Him In Court If He Steals From The.

Washington, DC– Today, the Trump administration announced they will steal $1.5 billion in Pentagon funds to construct 80 more miles of wall at the U.S.-Mexico border. The move brings the total transferred out of the Pentagon budget for border walls to $2.5 billion.

On July 26, the U.S. supreme court essentially disenfranchised the House of Representatives by granting the trump administration. funds to add onto and improve Donald Trump’s racially motivated.

Trump requested $5 billion for border wall construction next year, in addition to an $8 billion that he requested for starting construction this year, according to the Washington Times. Of the $8 billion, only $1.375 billion was approved by Congress, the rest will reportedly be reallocated from Pentagon and treasury department funds.

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Remember how we’re still under an emergency declaration by Donald Trump, the one that he’s using to fund his border wall because he lost the government shutdown earlier this year? Yes, it’s still i.