The VA and the FDA are keeping veterans from a helpful treatment option, just because it’s marijuana

Notably, some of the features of VA care, such as integration and. In this paper, we review the prevalence of SUDs among veterans as well as options for treatment.. male veterans aged 18-25 years only, the rates of substance abuse. given that alcohol is the fourth leading cause of preventable death.

The veterans administration needs to legalize this for veterans at the very least, if not for the rest of this great country. I bet our (veterans) daily suicide rates would decrease. Marijuana is not a gateway drug – I think its time (2017) we shed our minds of such an ignorant social stereotype that we all have of marijuana and those that.

VA names new Finger Lakes medical director VA Great Lakes Health Care System Announces New Medical Center Director at jesse brown vamc. october 28, 2016. Renee Oshinski, Acting Network Director, veterans integrated service Network (VISN) 12, is pleased to announce that Marc A. Magill has been selected as the new Medical Center Director for Jesse Brown VA Medical Center, which includes a 200-bed acute care facility and four outpatient.

"Because of the unique therapeutic goals, and balance of risks and benefits. " The Guideline is not intended to deny any patients who suffer with chronic. Please CDC/FDA bring this new reiteration of guidelines to national T.V.. I have tried every non-opioid therapy option that was available prior to.

"They just almost overnight. strongly agreed the VA should allow for cannabis research as a treatment option. As a Schedule I drug, federal law imposes strict controls on researchers hoping to.

A new study is launching at a time when veterans have been at the center of. support marijuana research, and just yesterday, VA Secretary David Shulkin. Because Arizona has legalized the medical use of marijuana, some veterans. to discuss marijuana as a treatment option in states where it's legal.

The VA and the FDA are keeping veterans from a helpful treatment option, just because it’s marijuana 6 N.J. will relax medical marijuana rules as hopes for legal weed fade

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There are complex issues facing military veterans who use medical marijuana while seeking treatment from the VA. Veterans are not in danger of losing VA benefits because of marijuana use, however, those currently serving are still prohibited from using and possessing marijuana.

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