Preview: Bombshells & Brews aids women veterans

PepsiCo chips in to education veterans’ children

What better time than during the course of American Craft Beer Week to observe the second annual Bombshells and Brews at the Brewerie at Union Station? Speaking to how their event is benefiting the Women In Combat (WINC) organization, the president of Great Lakes Bombshells, Quinn Biscoff, said.

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With its military theme, Bombshells Girls, and fun, energetic environment-which includes more than 75 hi-def TVs for sports, DJs, full bars with premium brands and craft brews, an extensive menu.

WJFW – Under veterans’ watchful eye, state breaks ground on $80 million skilled nursing facility at King Veterans Home

Any area women interested in learning more about the club. The Century Club members also participate in the Canyon County Festival of Trees, aid the Boys and Girls Club, the Veterans Hospital, and.

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Media | Women Veteran Command Center – Preview: Bombshells & Brews aids women veterans – Entertainment & life goerie.comthe charity event features guest pinup bartenders and a new beer. Female veterans want new caucus and clout in US politics – Military Times May 16, 2019

Cheers to the communities who have mayors like Wilder, Homedale, Marsing and Caldwell because they go above and beyond in helping others and making Christmas come to life through giving

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